Plastic Surgery Before and After What Goes After The Generation

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Plastic Surgery Before and After- What Goes AfterThe Generation?

Plastic Surgery marks the drastic changes in one's life. Since when did physical appearance became so important to trade pain,money, and even the lives of the next generations? Although it is undeniably correct to say that appearance plays an important role in one's life, affecting first impressions and personal judgments, plastic surgery before and after can actually be extremely shocking to many individuals. It is indeed a sure great thing to see how people can change from the back of the hands onto the other side. People may become more confident as their looks changed, granting them the self-esteem to stand up and face the world without fear. However, there are as well some opposite outcomes that may have made things turned out worse. Nevertheless, most plastic surgery cases turned out well accordingly fitting tothe desires of the patients.

The Horror: Before and After Marks Extreme Difference

Changing the eyes, the nose, the lips, and even implants done can affect the physical appearance as a whole. It is indeed a great thing for sure, if individuals like the changes but won't it be a little too bad for the next generations? Well, it sure is true that the future is the unknown and that the present matters most. However, plastic surgery can make the moms pretty, the daddies handsome, but if kids are not as cute as they should be, is it just God's punishment or is it the parent's fault? Plastic surgery before and after photos have revealed that around 70% of the parents who undergo the changes from plastic surgery can never hide their original looks once their children are born. How does it feel when a family has good-looking parents but ugly children?

Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, for instance, had butt and breast implants, nose job, and even her teeth done. If she has a child, will her child inherit the big bum? Heck no. Children inherit the original genes from their parents, not including the changes plastic surgeries have granted their parents. Plastic surgery before and after may show positive results or negative results depending on cases. Nevertheless, it is always better to think thoroughly over and over again before deciding on which parts to do and the reasons to back it up.


Once plastic surgery is done upon the parts desired, individuals can never change it back. There are nose job edits and fixes but the fixed nose would never come back to its original shape. 'Plastic surgery before and after is probably one of the highest-ranked keywords searched or looked up by teenage girls or females. Most of the time, the positive results are being shown, not the awful ones. However, it is crucial to know that there is no 100% guarantee when surgery is done. Therefore, individuals will have to bet their hearts 50% and their body for another 50% as an acceptance of the plastic surgery and its processes beforehand. 


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